Request for Proposal

The objective of this RFP is to engage with a number of fibre service providers and to identify the most favourable proposal for the residents of the Constantia valley.

Although an invitation to participate in this community driven initiative has been sent out to a number of fibre operators, we welcome the response from any company that would like to reply to our RFP. We support an open access model and believe there is room for multiple service providers.

The proposed overall timeline is outlined to the right. Please assure that you submit all sections of the RFP as outlined in the document. If you have any questions or comments, please use the contact details provided in the RFP document or on our website.

   Download RFP
   RFP Responses

27th Feb - RFP Published

2nd Mar - Acknowledgement by SP of proposal received

5th Mar - SP confirmation to participate in RFP

10th Mar - Open meeting for SP to ask questions

13th Mar - Written proposal submission by SP to community

28th Mar - Review of SP proposal(s) and initial feedback

April 2015 - Appointment of SP and formal sign-up


As we go along and need to make additions, below table shows additional documents and changes made to the RFP. We will notify all service providers about these changes via email. At the same time, please do come back from time to time and check on new updates. Thanks!

Date Action
28th March 2015 Updated the timelines of the RFP process with feedback and SP appointment – shift by about two weeks
10th March 2015 City of Cape Town Electricity Supply By-Law document uploaded. Promulgated 16th April 2010 PG 6727; LA21678. This document might help SPs with the question “underground or aerial fibre cable”. Please note that you may need to contact the relevant department of the City of Cape Town for any further questions, or John Hesom from the Constantia Property Owners Association (CPOA). Email me for contact details.