Behind the Scenes

We are people with a need for Speed

We are all part of the Constantia community, and see the need for speed. That means we want to get super fast Internet (fibre) to our and your homes as quickly as possible. Ideally before Xmas this year, but that all depends on Father Christmas, some telecom and mobile providers, and most importantly, you the Constantia resident.

Please make sure that you sign up for one or more of the ISP packages available: Go to this site, add some packages to your basket and check out with your address. Super Easy!

Our Great Plan

1. Raise Awareness

2. Gauge the (non-binding) interest from residents

3. Present community survey results to fibre providers

4. Provider(s) install fibre network to connect individual homes


Mike Voortman

Constantia Watch

I support the Fibre to Constantia initiative as we live in a world of connectivity , and ours is sorely lacking at present . We have world class properties with 3rd world connectivity . We need to come together to fix this – just as we continue to do on the crime front . Additionally , Fibre can assist security initiatives within our Community – where wireless solutions are becoming more and more congested.


John Hesom

Constantia Property Owners’ Association

The demand for data by society is increasing at exponential rates and traditional ADSL will lines will not cope in the future. Fibre optics is the solution not only for high speed internet connectivity but it has other spin-offs such as enabling CCTV cameras for community security. Also, the need for large cellphone masts could be a thing of the past with low radiation mini-masts using fibre optics.


Chris Piggott


I have been living in Constantia for the past 27 years and an active member of the Nova Constantia Crime Watch, (NCCW) committee since its inception 7 years ago and have technical oversight responsibility for cameras and wireless for the Constantia Watches Association, (CVWA). The cellphone and ADSL coverage and quality in Constantia is terrible, which is why I support the Fibre to the Home Project.


Matthew Quinton

Strawberry Security Association

I work from home and am a heavy internet user. I am also someone who suffers from EM sensitivity and cannot therefore use 3G or wireless for my internet. FTTH is the best solution for me as it offers the speed and stability I need without the health concerns and reliability issues that wireless bandwidth brings


Jack Shiels

Software Producer

I’m a software producer and graphic designer living in Constantia with a passion for IT and infrastructure. I believe that with the right support, Constantia can become one of the most modern and connected suburbs in South Africa. FTTH makes sense to me because it enables me to run my growing business from home and meet the needs of clients quickly, without delay.


Martin Diessner

Bel Ombre Neighbourhood

Whenever the Internet breaks down it takes only 5 minutes (or less) for my mom from Germany to call as she can’t see her only grand children via the camera in our kids play room. I am a geek and heavily rely on the Internet for all sorts of things, including live wind and weather data for my kite surfing passion. I am helping out on this project as I believe that Constantia deserves super fast connectivity, which will also support the security initiative to make this the safest suburb in Cape Town.