A New Dawn Rising over Constantia…

21 April: Sign-up for Fibre Packages
04 May: Stormwater survey to start
15 June: Trenching & Civils commence
29 June: First house connected to fibre
31 July: 100th household connected
25 Dec: Last house reached

Constantia residents can now sign-up for fibre packages from 1GB.co.za, Cape Connect, ISP Afrika, Nexus.Net, Vox Telecom and Web Africa.

Here is a link to the Provider & Packages.

Using the stormwater drains and sewers to run the fibre means less digging up of roads and pavements. It does however mean the drains need to be carefully surveyed, using remote controlled camera equipment.
Not all cable routes can use the stormwater drains, so there is going to be some disruption of traffic while trenches are dug, cable ducts installed and cables drawn through these. Care will be taken to minimise inconvenience to residents.
Before the 1st house can be connected, routes have to be surveyed, trenches dug, cables deployed through drains and ducts, nodes built, and core, distribution and access networks built. At this point, the project should be well under way.
Constantia will be fibred, house by house, segment by segment, zone by zone, as the network expands. By this time the first segment should be almost complete. Rome wasn’t built in day and we want to do this properly. Please bear with us.
Our goal is to have a fibre cable running past everyone’s gate by Christmas 2015. It may sound like a long time away, but there is a lot to be done and the timelines are tight. We’ll keep you posted (or should that be fibred?)

21 April
4 May
15 June
29 June
31 July
25 Dec